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Frutifor´s companies all together count with the help of approx. 300 fixed employees and up to 500 employees during peak seasons. Considering indirect personnel, the Frutifor family reaches 700 members.

Frutifor was founded by Andreas van Bavel in 1974. Our family business is mainly involved in the forestry and fresh fruit industries, and has lately developed new projects in real estate and high-end wood processing.

In the fruit industry, Frutifor grows, packs and exports approximately 500.000 cartons of fresh apples, pears, cherries and blueberries. Our main markets are USA, Asia and Latin America.

In the forestry sector we manage 5,000 hectares of mainly pine forests in Chile and Uruguay.


Our forests are located in Chile in the Arauco and Curico Provinces and in Uruguay in the Rivera Department.

In both countries Frutifor has been pioneering in developing forest plantations with very precise management practices that focus on high-value end rotations.

During the last few years Frutifor has invested in the development of new business units that clearly complement our core businesses, namely forestry and fresh fruit. One of those new projects is Frutifor Lumber Co. in Uruguay.

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